Discover Your Light Side


Do you have a basic idea of what you want in life but not sure of how to go about getting it? Are you having difficulty identifying with your true self? Or finding out what it is that you love to do? Are you plagued with negative thoughts?

Those who answered “yes” to any of these, know that you are not alone. Often we know what we want or what we would excel at but don’t have the confidence to trust our own instincts. Or feel “it’s silly”. We feel confused, confounded, overwhelmed of taking charge and being responsible for our own decisions.

In Today’s fast paced environment we keep raising the bar to cope with ever increasing stress levels. Often we are forced to choose between our personal desires and professional enhancement. At times we are less than successful and we view that as ‘failure’. At other times we may find ourselves addicted or have certain fears that confuse and confound us. It affects our self-worth and makes us see ourselves differently, we lose confidence and it becomes a pattern. This begins to affect our relationships and colors all our decisions.

This has a dramatic effect on our personal lives and how we begin to see ourselves. Our dreams are regaled to the back room and become just those – dreams.

We can help you realize those dreams, dreams that were born when you were stronger. Let us help you relook at yourself, the real you within and turn you LIGHT SIDE UP, again.


While it is absolutely possible, to go it alone and find your own path, there are often emotional memories or challenges that we may need a hand with.

Whether it’s personal, business or sports allowing someone to help you succeed and realize your dreams and see the real you, is an option you should choose for yourself. I will be there to keep you on track and not lose focus away from yourself.

Remember you CAN cut your cake and have it too, it’s just how you go about achieving it.
So let’s find that buried treasure! Be who you really are!

Please call us at 416-836-0781 or schedule your appointment today and together, we will turn you Light Side UP