Fees & Packages

Stand Alone Session
First session you may expect an in-depth discussion regarding your particular challenge. Together we will set some concrete goals. Develop a Therapy Plan tailored for you. You will also experience a short hypnotic trance and begin working your concern. Follow up session we will discuss the changes of the past week and continue with our therapy plan.
Custom Packages
Light Side Up Package
5 hours of sessions to be used on a need to basis
You may use this Package to Make better decisions, Increase Self Esteem and Improve Self Confidence, Become Stress Free, Change Negative Thoughts and Behavior, Discovering your life purpose, Connecting with Your Spiritual Self.
Releasing Fears and Phobias
3 – 5 one hour sessions, depending on the fear to be released.
Release fears such as fear of flying, driving , fear of the dark, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of animals & insects. Misophonia, the list is endless. In this program we will uncover the root of the fear, heal it and implant positive triggers that will transform your emotional response to the situation that were causing the fear.
$250/- 3 Session

$375/- 5 Session
Kick That Butt
5 Sessions comprising of 7 Hours over a period of 5 consecutive days
In the 5 short days that we will work together you will give up the cigarettes and Smoking, Painlessly, easily, naturally with no side effects and certainly no more cravings.
Lighten Up – A Weight Loss Program
Helps you lose weight easily and keep it off
We will tailor a Weight loss program for you. Over 5 weeks – Your mind set changes, your cravings diminish, your resolve strengthens and before you even realize it, you will begin to shed the pounds, racing towards achieving your goal weight.
Virtual Gastric Band
This cutting edge weight loss technique – is non-surgical and one which harnesses the power of hypnosis to suggest that, “you have had a gastric band surgery.” Embedding into your subconscious the idea, that you stomach is now the size of a golf ball. Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting. This protocol deals with the weight issues in a person’s mind and their relationship with food, it deals with the psychological and emotional factors involved. You develop new positives habits for health and begin your weight loss journey.
Gift your loved ones a free session for $150

We have several other Tailor Made Packages that can be designed for your individual needs.

All packages must be paid for in advance and may be used over a 3-month period.

All taxes are extra, charged at 13%.

With a little background information from you, we will evaluate your needs and determine a program.

Our screening is fun and confidential. There is no pressure. If we feel hypnosis is not the best option for you, we will tell you so.

Please call us at 416-836-0781 or schedule your appointment today and together, we will turn you Light Side UP

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