How I became a NON SMOKER!
I smoked for the last 20 years since I was 16, a pack a day! I was sure I couldn’t stop but I was on a new chapter in my life and I didn’t want any of the old habits.

I have to admit, I wasn’t one of the diehard type who had decided to quit. I wanted the easy way out, I didn’t want to feel the pangs of withdrawal, I enjoyed my smoke, I decided to give hypnosis with Tricia Batliwalla a shot cos it said, “Stop Smoking painlessly ” and Painless it was ! I wasn’t even sure it would work, and I was ok with that. Well, it has worked and I’m now smoke free for the past 2 years. Don’t even have the urge anymore when someone lights up! Feels so good to be able to say that.

– Rahul K.

I was besieged with stage fright, it was paralyzing and affecting my life at work –I’d break into a crazy sweat and all the words would fly from my mind every time I had to stand in front of a group of people and talk.

Normally I’m a confident person, It started slowly when I was in my teens, I’d be anxious if I was in the spot light. I brushed it off, putting it down to nervousness, that’s normal right? Well it got worse and worse to the extent I’d now anticipate a situation where I was required to speak and I’d break into a cold sweat. Job interviews terrified me, even the slightest provocation or challenging situations would set me off. I lost my confidence and sense of self worth! I tried it all, Phycotherapy, guided imagery, NLP, regression therapy. None of it worked permanently, I’d be good for a day and the fear would return. I was so embarrassed, I lost my job , now I couldn’t get a new one. I’d go to the interviews and sweat, my clothes would be soaked and the interview would be over before it began. Then I met Tricia Batliwalla and she agreed to take me on. One session later, I was able to go the interview and not sweat, but was still nervous….2 more sessions and it’s a thing of the past, I got the job! They took 4 rounds of interview and I was required to give a presentation in one of them and am finally free!

Thank you, You got me, more than just my job, you touched my life!

-Johan Knutsberg

Thank you Tricia,
My fear of flying is gone and I am writing this from France! Next week I leave for Sydney!

Bonne chance !

-Cecile Bobilier

Thank you, for your support and understanding, I was this shy girl who believed she could never live a normal life, I wanted to be free of this ineptness and self-consciousness.
Tricia you gave me the confidence and the ability to see myself. And now everyone else does too. I am comfortable in my skin for the first time.


I used to be one of those stressed out angry people who always felt the whole world was against me! I’d flare up at the tiniest opportunity. In a store, at home, on the phone, I was just angry all the time, I lost my partner of 10 years, she left me because of how I behaved and how I never listened and just jumped at the opportunity to rant! It was such an uncomfortable feeling. Then a friend suggested Hypno but I didn’t see the point. There was nothing wrong with ME. I became cynical; even my attempt at humour was nothing but sarcasm. Then one day I decided I didn’t like who I had become and this was not ME! I got Hypnotherapy, the words “Light Side UP” struck a chord and I booked a session, the first few sessions were just a release. Then I was able to see the real issues and work on them.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me rediscover myself and claiming back my life.