Hypnosis for Fear & Phobias

All of us have some unfounded fears/phobias, fear of the dark or fear of flying, for others its being afraid to look down from a height, and yet others experience fear when asked to take the spotlight. These are often minor in nature and easily over come. With some of us these fears are extremely severe with physical symptoms, and can cause a lot of anxiety and impend regular day to day tasks and activities.

When the fear becomes irrational and disabling they are termed as phobias. Phobias are said to have deeper more complex roots. The good news is that both fears and phobias can be managed and even overcome through hypnosis.

What are Fears and Phobia?

Almost all fears are learnt behaviors. It is also normal and even helpful to experience fear in a potentially dangerous situations. Fear is an adaptive human response. It is the security system for the body. It is triggered when we sense danger and that is a good thing.

A phobia is extreme fear of something or situation that is actually quite harmless. Most phobias develop at a younger age and have a trigger. However they can developed over almost anything or situation, this experience is often terrifying and extremely uncomfortable.

If you have a phobia, you probably realize that your fear is unreasonable and unfounded. If it is very intense, often we develop a fear of the fear, which means the mere though or mention of that situation makes you anxious and often had a accompanied physical reaction. This reaction then keeps growing with every subsequent event. The experience is often terrifying and extremely uncomfortable.

The main symptoms are: increased heart rate or palpitations, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, shakes, dry mouth, mind going blank.

E.g. Someone who is suffocated in small confined spaces (claustrophobia), will dread taking the elevator to work every day.

Having a Phobia doesn’t mean you’re crazy, or inept! There is a long list of phobias, it’s important to identify your phobia and deal with it, no matter how impossible it feels. You should know that with just a little help you can and will overcome your fears or phobias.

How Does Hypnosis Help With Fear and Phobias?

Hypnosis allows you to examine the fear and change your perception about the source of the fear or phobia. Creating new and positive associations and triggers at a subconscious level.

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